Every month, Fresh Heirs will change the picture in the above header of the home page. The picture may come from personal archives of the staff, but it could also come from you. If you think a picture you took has “ups” and are interested in having a picture you took be our header, email the picture and your name to Before each month, the Fresh Heirs staff will convene and look at prospective photos with “ups” and then decide on the newest one. Who knows, maybe you could even win a prize for being chosen. Plus, it will be our avatar on Twitter for the month. But even if your photo isn’t chosen, it will still be displayed on this page for the duration of the month. So go ahead. Got ups?

June 2011

Ups: June 2011 (photo by A. Lowden)

May 2011

Ups: May 2011 (photo by Daniel)

April 2011

Ups: April 2011 (Daniel)

March 2011

Ups: March 2011 (Miller Roberts)

February 2011

Ups: February 2011 (A. Lowden)

January 2011

Ups: January 2011 (photo by Daniel)

December 2010

Ups: December 2010. (photo by A.Lowden)

November 2010

Ups: November 2010 (photo by Daniel)

October 2010

Ups: October 2010 (photo by A. Lowden)

September 2010

Ups: September 2010 (photo by Kevin)

August 2010

Ups: August 2010 (photo by Anna)

July 2010

Ups: July 2010 (photo by Daniel)