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Download: Abadabad/Stoner Showers – “Makeout Beach”

Since I downloaded the new Big Troubles track “Sad Girls” this afternoon, it’s been on repeat in my room. Until I stumbled upon this split cassette from the awesome Abadabad and the sick Stoner Showers (alliteration, yes). I knew this release had been on its way from Chill Mega Chill and that it’s been on my wishlist for a bit (fingers crossed the tapes last until next week), but I hadn’t heard any of it outside of Abadabad’s “Park Slope” and “California Birds.” That changed today on the Chill Mega Chill bandcamp, where Makeout Beach is available digitally for $1 or via a MediaFire link in the album information.

Abadabad’s music holds up well, as the space in “Park Slope” is makes it a summer favorite for me. The coolest part about the Abadabad side of the split is the remix of “Park Slope” from Yalls. I’m usually not a big fan of remixes, but Yalls expands on “Park Slope” and makes it that much better. Check out the bandcamp stream of that at the bottom.

Stoner Showers was completely new to me, but it instantly brought me in with its electronic and reverb-drenched atmospheres. You could almost call it chillwave. “Welcome Home” opens the side of the cassette, and like the name implies, makes you feel like you never left a familiar place. The highlight of this side for me is “I Want U 2 Know,” streaming below, which reminds me of the first time I heard Neon Indian, except slightly dark. The synth sound is so full and the beat is just schizophrenic enough to make it fun to dance to. Plus, the vocals are up front, adding a new dimension to the track.

Pick up Makeout Beach via Chill Mega Chill here.



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