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Stream: Lean Horse Marathon – “Reflections”

School starts tomorrow for me. It’s been a really good, albeit nearly blogless, summer and tomorrow morning will feel like a new awakening. In the above video teaser for “Sacrifice Hat,” the centerpiece of Lean Horse Marathon’s Reflections, light starts piercing through the dark. Slowly but surely the lights get brighter and the noise gets louder, just like they will tomorrow morning when I have to pry myself out of bed. It’s an awakening, just like “Sacrifice Hat.”

Lean Horse Marathon is Baltimore’s Jeff Koplovitz, an 18-year-old with a great ear and chops to boot. You can stream Reflections via Only For Us for the time being and buy it on iTunes. Facebook rumors lead towards the possibility of a cassette in the future.

Full review of Reflections is to come as well.



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