What are Daniel, Anna, Marc, and Lowden listening to right now? What’s bringing them good vibes?

Current Favorite Album
: Actually from La Big Vic
Current Favorite Band: Guided By Voices.
Current Favorite Song: “I Heard You Say” by Vivian Girls
All-Time Favorite Album: Dirty by Sonic Youth
All-Time Favorite Band: Sonic Youth
All-Time Favorite Song: “100%” by Sonic Youth
Newest vinyl: Terra by Julian Lynch
Favorite vinyl: Turning On by Cloud Nothings
Favorite 7″: Leave You Forever EP — Cloud Nothings
Current thoughts on music: I’m just listening to whatever I want whenever I want, and it’s awesome.

Current Favorite Album
: Worry by Big Troubles
Current Favorite Band: Big Troubles, The Babies, Smith Westerns
Current Favorite Song: Outer Limits Recordings – Burnin’ Through the Nite
All-Time Favorite Album: Goo by Sonic Youth
All-Time Favorite Band: Sonic Youth
All-Time Favorite Song: I Wanna Be Yr Dog by The Stooges OR Kill Yr Idols by Sonic Youth
Newest vinyl: Outer Limits Recordings “Julie” b/w “Plastik Child” & Worry – Big Troubles
Favorite vinyl:
Favorite 7″: Sonic Youth “Eyeliner”
Current thoughts on music: I’m still enjoying the pentatonic riffage that’s been floating around lately, and anything that hearkens back to the perfect pop of the sixties or classic shoegaze is golden.

Current Favorite Album
: Epic – Sharon Van Etten
Current Favorite Band: The Mountain Goats
Current Favorite Song: “Master of Art” – Laura Stevenson & The Cans
All-Time Favorite Album: Emergency & I – The Dismemberment Plan
All-Time Favorite Band: The Mountain Goats
All-Time Favorite Song: “Back & Forth” – The Dismemberment Plan
Newest vinyl: Holy Ghost! 7″ – Laura Stevenson & The Cans
Favorite vinyl: Have One on Me – Joanna Newsom
Favorite 7″: Droplet on a Hot Stone/Nen Vole – Julian Lynch
Current thoughts on music: I currently am enjoying more different types of music than at any other point in my life, and I am having an absolute blast. As far as trends go I think it’s amazing how our generation’s contribution to “indie rawk”–that is the genres of “chillwave” and “shit-gaze”–are evolving and progressing before our very eyes. I have also recently become more of a folk-y dude than I ever thought possible.

Current Favorite Album
: “Heavy Days” – JEFF The Brotherhood
Current Favorite Band: The Dismemberment Plan (can’t wait for the reunion tour!!)
Current Favorite Song: “You Are Invited” – The Dismemberment Plan
All-Time Favorite Album: Being There – Wilco
All-Time Favorite Band: Ryan Adams
All-Time Favorite Song: How can I answer this question?!
Newest vinyl: JEFF The Brotherhood – Live at Third Man Records 12″
Favorite vinyl: The Smiths – s/t (UK Pressing, imported), Elvis Costello & The Attractions – This Year’s Model
Favorite 7″: Younger Us (single) – Japandroids
Current thoughts on music: I’m disappointed with the trends that the indie community is going through right now. I can’t get behind such lazy genres like chillwave, and support bands that just come off as untalented, lazy & unimaginative. I love my folk/alt-country, and rawk music. I guess it’s not cool to rock anymore? Who knows.