12/16/10: The Snow Show

On December 16, 2010, College Park had a pretty major snow that I found myself broadcasting in, so I came up with The Snow Show, download here.

Real Estate — “Snow Days” — Real Estate
Fleet Foxes — “White Winter Hymnal” — Fleet Foxes
Atlas Sound — “Winter Vacation” — Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
Twin Shadow — “Castles In The Snow” — Forget
Deerhunter — “Snow Dogs” — Carve Your Initials Into The Wall of the Night
The Cribs — “Last Year’s Snow” — Ignore The Ignorant
Animal Collective — “Winter Wonder Land” — Strawberry Jam
Cap’n Jazz — “Winter Wonderland” — Analphabetapolothology
The Dismemberment Plan — “Spider In The Snow” — Emergency & I
Ra Ra Riot — “Winter ’05” — The Rhumb Line
Miike Snow — “Animal” — —
Kanye West — “Coldest Winter” — 808s & Heartbreak
Beach House — “I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun” — —
Sugarcult — “Worst December” — Palm Trees and Power Lines
Test Icicles — “Snowball” — For Screening Purposes Only
Islands — “Abominable Snow” — Arm’s Way
Kings of Leon — “Velvet Snow” — Aha Shake Heartbreak
Snow Patrol — “Wow” — Final Straw
Pavement — “Summer Babe [Winter Version]” — Slanted & Enchanted
Pixies — “Winterlong” — Wave of Mutilation
Mirah — “Cold Cold Water” — Advisory Committee
The Walkmen — “While I Shovel The Snow” — Lisbon
The New Pornographers — “Hey, Snow White” — Dark Was The Night
The White Stripes — “In The Cold, Cold Night” — Elephant
The Dodos — “Winter” — Visiter
Belle & Sebastian — “The Fox In The Snow” — If You’re Feeling Sinister
Eternal Summers — “I Must Winter” — Eternal Summers EP
Say Hi — “November Was White, December Was Grey” — Oohs & Aahs
Julian Lynch — “Winterer One” — Orange You Glad
Elliott Smith — “Angel In The Snow” — New Moon
The Microphones — “I Want To Be Cold” — The Glow, Pt. II
Modest Mouse — “The Cold Part” — The Moon & Antarctica
Real Estate — “Snow [Instrumental]” — —

Show page here.


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