The fourth In Afternoon Air on October 15, 2010 saw Kevin come down to guest DJ and put together a playlist of his own, along with an appearnce from Jeff Koplovitz of Lean Horse Marathon as “No One” was premiered.

Portishead — “The Rip” — Third
Animal Collective — “Screens” — ODDSAC
Fugazi — “Brendan #1” — Repeater
Graham Wright — “The Lakes of Alberta, Part II” — The Lakes of Alberta
Yeasayer — “Ambling Alp” — Odd Blood
Winks — “Human Noises” — Winks
MGMT — “Song for Dan Treacy” — Congratulations
Cass McCombs — “Dreams Come True Girl” — Catacombs
Lean Horse Marathon — “No One” — Reflections
Aniaml Collective — “De Soto de Son” — Campfire Songs
Pavement — “A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl” — Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.
Prince Rama — “Om Namo Shivaya” — Shadow Temple
Silver Jews — “The Poor, The Fair and The Good” — Tanglewood Numbers
SOARS — “Throw Yourself Apart” — SOARS
The Walkmen — “Stranded” — Lisbon
Warpaint — “Billie Holiday” — Exquisite Corpse EP
Active Child — “Weight of the World” — Curtis Lane
The Very Best — “Julia” — Warm Heart of Africa
Future Islands — “Beach Foam” — Wave Like Home
Family Portrait — “Mega Secrets” — 7″
Sonic Youth — “Sunday” — A Thousand Leaves

Show page can be seen here.


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