The third In Afternoon Air came in the evening on October 6, 2010 when I was subbing for another show. This show consisted of much of my “October music,” that is music that I’ve listened to in pasts Octobers and that reminds me of the month.

Future Islands — “In Evening Air” — In Evening Air
Thurston Moore — “The Shape Is In A Trance” — Trees Outside the Academy
Tokyo Police Club — “Nature of the Experiment” — A Lesson In Crime
TV On The Radio — “Halfway Home” — Dear Science,
Kings of Leon — “Closer” — Only By The Night
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson — “Woodfriend” — Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s — “Quiet As A Mouse” — The Dust of Retreat
Deerhunter — “Nothing Ever Happened” — Microcastle
No Age — “You’re A Target” — Losing Feeling
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson — “The Sound” — Summer of Fear
Lean Horse Marathon — “RefRain” — Up On Bomber Mountain
Atlas Sound — “Shelia” — Logos
Neon Indian — “Psychic Chasms” — Psychic Chasms
Pavement — “Grounded” — Wowee Zowee
Avey Tare — “Lucky 1” — Down There (fake leak)
My Bloody Valentine — “I Only Said” — Loveless
Big Troubles — “Freudian Slips” — Worry
the Widest Smiling Faces — “The only lonely ocean” — the Widest Smiling Faces
Solanin — “Ame No Uta” — For the Sky
Blue Hawaii — “Belize” — —
La Sera — “Never Come Around” — 7″
Kevin Greenspon — “Carpool Pepsi” — Kevin Greenspon + Cloud Nothings Split
Big Surr — “Co Sine Tan Gent” — Miss You Most EP
Total Warr — “I Don’t Need Your Friendship” — Cascades EP
the lonely smurfer — “johnny hawaii” — Smurf’s up EP
White Denim — “Home Together” — Last Day of Summer
Cloud Nothings — “Morgan” — 7″
Big Surr — “Gone” — Miss You Most EP
Beach Fossils — Mystery Track — Beach Fossils

Show page available here. And I entered the last Beach Fossils song wrong, so what that actually was is lost to history.


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