Parts & Labor were in the studio during this show and I interviewed them on WMUC-FM. The link to that show is below. Give it a download and skip about an hour, 30 minutes through it.

The Sex Pistols — “God Save The Queen” — Nevermind the Bollocks
The Sex Pistols — “Anarchy in the U.K.” — Nevermind the Bollocks
Parts & Labor — “A Thousand Roads” — Constant Future
Double Dagger — “The Lie/The Truth” — More
Lupe Fiasco — “The Instrumental” — Food + Liquor
Family Portrait — “Wait” — Family Portrait
My Bloody Valentine — “I Only Said” — Loveless
Parts & Labor — “Fractured Skies” — Mapmaker
Julian Lynch — “Just Enough” — Mare
Pavement — “Elevate Me Later” — Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Parts & Labor — “Vision of Repair” — Mapmaker
The Strokes — “Last Nite” — Is This It
Neon Indian — “Mind, Drips” — Psychic Chasms
Kurt Vile — “On Tour” — Smoke Ring For My Halo
Gang Gang Dance — “House Jam” — Saint Dymphna
Los Campesinos! — “Death To Los Campesinos!” — Hold On Now, Youngster
Girl Talk — “Smash Your Head” — Night Ripper
Washed Out — “You and I (feat. Caroline Polachek)” — Adult Swim
Mirah — “Million Miles” — You Think It’s Like This But It’s Really Like This
Hot Chip — “Out At The Pictures” — Made In The Dark
Animal Collective — “My Girls” — Merriweather Post Pavilion
Parts & Labor — “Long Way Down” — Mapmaker
Vivian Girls — “I Won’t Be Long” — I Heard You Say 7″
The Strokes — “Under the Cover of Darkness” — Angles
Parts & Labor Live In-Studio

Download here for a week!


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