Fresh Heirs, while a blog, is also interested in discovering the next generation of music (the “fresh heirs,” if you will) and putting people in the know about this music. The writers of Fresh Heirs are also musicians and are using Fresh Heirs as a platform for distributing music. If you are interested in Fresh Heirs distributing or promoting your music, or interested in any of these bands, please email us.

Wapinitia is Daniel’s solo project. Wapinitia was started as a creative outlet for acoustic songs Daniel was developing. He has performed at local open mic nights along with educational functions and local shows as Wapinitia and even recorded an EP, the Summer Turns To Winter EP, which is out of publication. There are always new Wapinitia songs being developed even though there are not any plans to perform as Wapinitia in the future, and some bed/dorm room mp3s may be released through Fresh Heirs.