Fresh Heirs is a blog founded by a brother-sister duo (Daniel & Anna) attempting to sift through suburbia in order to find the music that really matters today and what music is going to matter in the future. With a focus on the current and future indie scene, Fresh Heirs hopes to bring you information helpful to forming a musical palate.

Fresh Heirs:

Meet Daniel. (photo by Anna)

Daniel, College Park
Daniel, one of the Fresh Heirs founders, is a university journalism student that focuses on sportswriting, but dabbles in music writing as a change of pace and another possible career path. He has been writing for the last four years and has written for an assortment of publications. He also experiments with photography and is a musician. Daniel is a member of multiple current Fresh Heirs projects and could be a member in more as time goes on.

Meet Anna (Photo by Daniel)

Anna, Suburban Baltimore
Anna is another Fresh Heirs founder and recent college grad.  She enjoys loud pop songs by awesome bands, buying lots of ridiculous sweaters that may or may not ever be worn, playing darts and dance parties (not at the same time) and has been known to travel great distances to see little bands.  Well-versed in the business of music, she hopes that one day she’ll have a career where knowing tons of random facts about bands will actually come in handy.

Meet Marc. (photo by Daniel)

Marc, Albany
Marc, another recent college graduate, is currently the Webatorial Intern for Visitation Rites, and is also feeding his love for music by contributing to Fresh Heirs. Marc recently started his own tumblr blog called Cautious and Carefree.

Meet Andrew. (photo by Anna)

Andrew, Suburban NYC/Oneonta
Andrew is a college student at SUNY Oneonta perusing a Mass Communications degree. He is also the Indie Music director at WONY, the campus radio station. In his free time he spends way too much money on concerts, as well as his vinyl record collection. His other interests are concert photography, as well as bootlegging (archiving) concerts.

Alumni: Kevin, Suburban Baltimore (2010-2011)

All writers for Fresh Heirs can be contacted at freshheirs@gmail.com.

If you have music or photography or anything artistic you would like to be displayed on Fresh Heirs, or you would like to contribute, please email us at the above address as well.

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