MP3: Total Babes – “Be So True” (Plus Stream Others and Videos))

Over a month ago we posted the first mp3 from a seemingly unassuming Cleveland lo-fi pop punk band that had a few of the Cloud Nothings guys. But after a live show (that I never got around to reviewing), some live videos (after the jump), a cassette copy of Swimming Through Sunlight and now another mp3, it’s safe to say that Chris Brown’s Total Babes earworm melodies are here to stay.

“Be So True” is the second track from Swimming Through Sunlight and was dropped over on the Forkcast earlier Tuesday. When I gave the cassette its first couple of listens upon receiving it, this track was the first that caught my brain in my early forays into the album. Brown’s lyrics are clever and, although sometimes unintelligible (love you, lo-fi!), a little snarky. The chorus of “Be So True” stands out in that regard with the line, “I swear I’ll be so true to you, but there’s nothing to be true to.” It’s pretty simple, but it gets its desired effect. Plus, the backing vocals, done live by Joe Boyer, are a nice touch, softening a somewhat abrasive sound.

Brown also appeared as a guest on the latest edition of “Get In The Van” on BreakThru Radio. DJ Jezz interviewed Brown about the band, touring, recording and just about anything else you can think of that could typically come up in an interview with a band. DJ Jezz played some unreleased Swimming Through Sunlight cuts as well, with “Be So True,” “Without Your Heart,” “Tip Of My Tongue” and “Don’t Have To Run.” All of those songs are on the web in mp3 or video format except for “Tip Of My Tongue,” my favorite track off of Swimming Through Sunlight and a strong contender to end up on a year-end best list. Check out the stream of the show here and go to 33:04 to hear “Tip Of My Tongue.” The interview lasts from 15:41 to 40:42 and is definitely worth checking out as well.

I mentioned that the aforementioned songs are available in video format on the web, and I figured I’d share them here, since I haven’t gotten around to that already.

“Without Your Heart” live at Death By Audio on 6/20 (the killer show I was at), via John Ryan Manning:

“Give Me Nothing” live at Public Assembly on 6/23, via Bleary Eyed Brooklyn:

“Don’t Have To Run” live at Public Assembly on 6/23, via Bleary Eyed Brooklyn:

MP3: Total Babes – “Be So True”

The SoundCloud link for this track is currently private, so keep an eye out for it.

Follow Brown on Twitter for some pretty hilarious updates at @totalbabes.

Pre-order Swimming Through Sunlight on vinyl, tape or CD via Old Flame Records.


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