Northside Festival: Day 4

So I fell of a bit in trying to finish my Northside Festival reviews and etc, but honestly, I don’t really know what to write about Sunday. The Saturday of Northside was incredibly epic and left everyone exhausted, so we decided to stay close to home and hit the Newtown Radio 1-Year Anniversary Party at Shea Stadium, which featured DJing from Rezound and Chocolate Bobka.

We ended up catching only Phone Tag, Autre Ne Veut and Laurel Halo throughout the day, but each set was interesting in its own right. Phone Tag was catchy and dance-y, but the heat caused electronic problems and shortened their set. Autre Ne Veut was probably the most interesting and awkward act of the weekend, but the synth backing tracks were so catchy, and I find myself with songs stuck in my head even weeks after the show. Finally, Laurel Halo’s synth jams were much darker than I expected, but still hit the spot to close the festival.

I hadn’t listened to any of these bands that I saw on the final day of Northside, but all were great experiences for me, as it was awesome to just see new bands for the first time in a while without much preparation, which just made it fun.



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