MP3: Big Troubles – “Misery”

Back in January, Anna & I caught Big Troubles at Subterranean A with Julian Lynch and Wet Dream, and I caught the above video of a then-untitled new song. After months of watching the grainy basement footage with the sudden treble blast at the end, I can finally listen to a recorded version, and it kicks ass.

The Forkcast over on Pitchfork unveiled the final version of the track now known as “Misery,” and it is extremely impressive. After a string of releases with extremely low fidelity, we were shown what Big Troubles is capable of with “Phantom” via Shaking Through, and now we’re given our first taste of Romantic Comedy, which is due out on September 27 on Slumberland.

“Misery” embodies 1990s power pop with hazed out vocals and overpowering guitars. It’s immediately addicting and powerful enough to bob your head to, but also relaxed enough to just sit back and relax to it. “Misery” is setting the bar extremely high for Romantic Comedy, and September 27 can’t get here fast enough.

MP3: “Misery”



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