Daniel’s Top 25 Songs of 2011.5

Earlier this morning I posted my Top 25 Albums of 2011.5, so of course I’m going to follow it up with my Top 20 songs of 2011.5. Like the the Top 25 albums, there is really no exact science for this. I took songs that I liked, most of which happened to be from albums I really liked, and put together a list that I thought accurately reflected how I feel about these songs, and a list that someone could understand as well. So it’s probably wrong.

25. Total Babes – “Like They Always Do”
It’s like a lo-fi Blink-182, but better.

24. CUFFS – “Privilege”
New England private college rock.

23. White Fence – “Lillian (Won’t You Play Drums?)”
Tape hissing goodness, and catchy as eff.

22. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Belong”
An epic start to set the tone for an epic album.

21. Woods – “To Have In The Home”
Hearkens back to 60s and 70s psych-rock.

20. Gang Gang Dance – “MindKilla”
Insanity. Insanity.


19. Thurston Moore – “Orchard Street”
Beautiful acoustic jams from Thurston with the touch of Beck.


18. Black Lips – “Modern Art”
This song just makes me think of drunken sailors.

17. Ducktails – “Killin’ The Vibe”
Do I need to say anymore?

(via weird magic)

16. Mak Zering – “Turn My Swag High”
Definition of what rap should be today.

(photo by A. Lowden)

15. Jeff the Brotherhood – “Mellow Out”
One of the catchiest choruses of the year. And it’s in Drop D. Word.

14. Panda Bear – “Slow Motion”
Best song from Tomboy and one that’s impossible to shake.

13. Vivian Girls – “Take It As it Comes”
The spoken middle takes the cake here, and they do it live, which makes it even better.

12. Yuck – “The Wall”
The mantra for life. Making it through the wall.

11. Smith Westerns – “Weekend”
A sugary sweet track from dudes who might not actually be that sweet.

10. Wye Oak – “Holy Holy”
A sonic blast from Baltimore.

9. Family Portrait – “Other Side”
A great band finally puts it all together.


8. Craft Spells – “Scandinavian Crush”
A sweet hybrid of so many other things out there coming together in something so catchy.

7. Julian Lynch – “Back”
The closer for my best album of the year so far.

6. Cloud Nothings – “All The Time”
Probably the track that stays with the most lyrically from this year.

5. The Babies – “Wild 2”
There are so many great songs on this album, but Kevin Morby’s vocals on this one just make it the best.

4. La Big Vic – “Mr. Broken Bird”
This one jumped right up here pretty quick, but the synths and violin and vocals are just way too epic for me to ignore.

3. Fucked Up – “Queen of Hearts”
The juxtaposition of the voices of Damian Abraham and Madeline Follin is perfect for me. Plus, the chorus is great.
Watch the awesome video via Pitchfork.

2. Washed Out – “Amor Fati”
This is the jam of the summer so far. Chillwave lives on in this song.

1. Big Troubles – Phantom”
If you give these guys a studio, look at what they can come up with. Wow. So solid, and an awesome preview for what their Slumberland full-length could bring.

Feel free to share your thoughts and disagreements in the comments!

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