MP3: Male Bonding – “Bones”

In 2010, Male Bonding gave us what is one of my most forgotten and underrated records of the year in Nothing Hurts. On August 30, the trio from Britain will return with their second full-length, Endless Now. Pitchfork has the fourth song from the album, “Bones,” available for download for the small cost of your email address.

While Male Bonding was known as lo-fi upon their emergence, they are working to shed that idea about them on Endless Now. “Bones” still features distorted and hazy chords, but the vocals and lead guitar parts cut through any haze that could be there. The harmonies are still distant and low in the mix and the drums keep the song churning along. Also, “Bones” times in at 6:36, making a much deeper impact upon listening.  The band is working with Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth collaborator John Agnello at Dreamland Studios in New York, so I’m pretty stoked to see what they can come up with. Pitchfork says the album is 11 tracks and 36 minutes long, which I feel are perfect for music today. August 30 is now circled on my release calendar.

Endless Now tracklist (via Pitchfork):

01 Tame the Sun
02 Carrying
03 Seems to Notice
04 Bones
05 Before It’s Gone
06 What’s That Scene
07 Mysteries
08 Can’t Dream
09 The Saddle
10 Channeling Your Fears
11 Dig You
12 Reprise



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