Review: Seapony – “Go With Me”

It’s a simple question: Do you like twee? If you do, chances are you’ll love Seapony’s Go With Me. If you don’t, well, that leaves things a little more up in the air.

The most common refrain with this album is expected: “We’ve heard this all before.”

And it’s true. “Dreaming,” “I Really Do,” “Go Away,” “So Low,” and “With You” all find themselves as carry-overs from the two singles released before the full-length. It is welcoming to hear these tracks again, but it also means that the listener is hearing only seven new songs—almost an EP.

The rest of the new songs follow the same format as the singles. There are very few chord changes in the rhythm guitar while the riffs played by the lead can often be mistook for different tracks on the album.

There are a few standouts, namely “Blue Star,” which was the first mp3 released for this album. “Blue Star” has a fuzzed out rhythm guitar part coupled with the expected riffs floating over top. The vocals of Jen Weidl are soft and crooning over the careful guitar picking, creating one of the more atmospheric songs on the album.

Interestingly enough, the standout track from the Seattle band’s debut full-length is the one that sounds nothing like the others: “Nobody Knows.” The tenth track on the album, it could easily be lost in the shuffle around it, with the simple chord progressions and the overall happy sound of Go With Me.

But “Nobody Knows” has a darker side to it. The upstroked guitar chords on the offbeats create a more somber atmosphere. It would be easy to say that this song is reminiscent of Beach Fossills’ recent What A Pleasure EP. The somberness is rather jarring for the way the album progresses, making it the most memorable track on the album, displaying versatility from the band.

While some might consider this album to be extremely flat and bland, it is perfect for the summer. The band’s Seattle origins might suggest a somber record, but Seapony gives something perfect for windows down cruising instead.

Now if they would not play only 21+ venues for their first shows on the East Coast.

Stream Go With Me here.

Download “Blue Star” here, “Dreaming” here.



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