Parts & Labor, Double Dagger, Beyond Say at Golden West

Last Friday night featured another quality show with Brooklyn rockers Parts & Labor sharing the stage with hometown favorites Double Dagger and up-and-comer Beyond Say. Parts & Labor is one of those “special” bands for me, as their rain-shortened set at Whartscape 2008 was one of the coolest things I remember from that day. Double Dagger was there that day, too, but this blog has dedicated untold words to them. Their performance at Golden West was everything you could ask for in a Double Dagger show. It’s always an experience.

But Parts & Labor. The quartet was nice enough to stop by WMUC for a studio session before heading up to Baltimore and I did a quick interview with Dan Friel and B.J. Warshaw. They’re some of the nicest guys I’ve interacted with, and they were very open about what they were looking to accomplish on their newest album, Constant Future.

The tight live in-studio performance carried over to Golden West, where they laid down about 40 minutes (I honestly lost track of time) worth of quality jams that stretched over  their history. While I didn’t get to hear personal favorites “Long Way Down” and “Vision of Repair,” they did drop Mapmaker opener “Fractured Skies” and what’s probably the best song off of Constant Future, “A Thousand Roads.”

The highlight of the night came during the closing song of the night, an “old” one, when drummer Joe Wong broke out a drum solo that left the entire cafe aghast. The skill Wong displayed the entire night was impossible to look away from, especially on “Fractured Skies,” which I think is one of the coolest drumming songs I’ve ever heard. It was just a great experience to see a band that helped me get into music three years later and have it be just as good as before.

Beyond Say opened the night and definitely grew stronger as the set went on. The instrumental band’s ideas seemed scattered when the set started, but became more developed and clear as time went on, putting together some cool jams to close. It’s definitely a band that I will check up on as time goes on.

It was nice to get back into the groove after two weeks off since Beach Fossils at DC9, and this was the perfect show to do it with. I recommend Parts & Labor to anyone out there, and definitely pick up a copy of any of these bands’ releases or catch them live.



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