Download: Bridgetown Records March Sampler

Kevin from Bridgetown Records has sent over a sampler for his March batch of tapes (some of which may or may not be sold out). Download the tracks via Mediafire right here, and check out the info on each tape after the jump.

The sampler features “Helicopter Soup” by Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, “Bloodlust” by Junior Low, “Threshold” by Kevin Greenspon, “Lines” by Land of Ill Earthquakes, “Wet Dream” by Nima, and “4” by R. Sawyer. My favorite tracks out of the bunch are “Helicopter Soup” and “Bloodlust,” both of which put together some awesome noise and vocal lines.

From the Bridgetown e-mail:

Bridgetown #42
R. Sawyer – Aulea C20 cassette tape
Pure, deliberate compositions of drifting ambient/drone recorded in Texas and California. Sawyer’s technique seamlessly blends solid tones with perfect melodic arrangements emerging from beneath, rising and falling like the waves of the small coastal town he calls home. A grand step forward from his previous CDr on Bridgetown.

Bridgetown #41
Land of Ill Earthquakes – Lines C10 cassette tape
Innocent youthful charm and sweet female vocal harmonies from this local indie pop group. Songs unearthed from 2006 recording sessions that predate the Heartbreak Bombardier full-length released on Bridgetown in Summer 2009.

Bridgetown #40
Nima – Demon + Wet Dream combo C25 pro-cassette
Soft female vocals draped over blown out piano melodies and the hiss of decaying reverb tell intimate experiences that range from urgent anxiousness to a calm peace. Debut release for this new Southern California project, a double EP with a different story on each side.

Bridgetown #37
Junior Low – Almost Forever C32 pro-cassette
While Colorado’s Weed Diamond has slowed to stagnant inactivity, guitarist JT has been crafting a shoegaze masterpiece in the shadows. Almost Forever is told by dense layers of high-gain guitar riffs with a recording quality that makes his previous Heavy album on Bridgetown pale in comparison.

Bridgetown #12
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk – Jam Packed Full of Awesome C30 cassette tape
Hazy indie rock tunes bridged by a smooth veneer of ambient and experimental instrumentation. This is a long overdue reissue of the first album (with revised artwork) by these Kansas workaholics that relentlessly tour the USA and Europe and have released a host of records, CDs and tapes worldwide, including a new LP on Fire Talk.

To order any of these, or any past releases, head over to the Bridgetown Records website.



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