Review: Toro Y Moi/Cloud Nothings Split 7″

While we don’t have any sweet April Fools gags for all of you, we do have a review of this sweet 7″ just put out through Carpark. Anna, Lowden and I did hit up the final LCD Soundsystem show at Terminal 5 last night, but we’re all pretty tired from it and we’re waiting for the photos and videos to get sifted through before putting together some posts about the epicness.

But anyway, these two tracks, Toro’s “I Will Talk To You” and Cloud Nothings’ “For No Reason” features a return to roots for both bands. On each band’s follow-up, their aesthetic changed slightly. Toro became more dance-y, and Cloud Nothings became more straight-froward pop punk. However, both of these tracks will remind you of the first time you heard the band.

“I Will Talk To You” has a have draped over it much like Causers of This. Chaz Bundick’s voice has a sense of urgency behind it, like he really, really wants to talk to you. There’s no dominant synth line to steal the show like on some of the tracks from Underneath the Pine. Bundick creates an atmosphere conducive to dancing by yourself. It’s kind of a dark song, but it fits perfectly in the Toro Y Moi catalog.

“For No Reason” reminds me of driving around blasting “Little Raygun” and “Can’t Stay Awake,” the first two Cloud Nothings songs I ever heard in summer 2010. The guitar riff feels simple while the drums just chug away. The vocals are reminiscent of those first songs — hard to decipher lyrics with the aesthetic of the vocals adding another instrument to the track. The production is very lowkey, something that’s great for the group of people that loved Turning On, but weren’t too enthralled with Cloud Nothings. Plus, the guitar solo at the end is just shred-tastic.

The 7″ is out now via Carpark.

Toro Y Moi plays Sonar in Baltimore on April 13 and Rock and Roll Hotel in D.C. on April 14.

Cloud Nothings plays Ottobar in Baltimore on April 10 and DC9 in D.C. on April 11.



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