Family Portrait & the Twerps in DC

We trekked down to the good old Rock n Roll Hotel in DC Sunday night to get acquainted with Australia’s Twerps on their very first US tour, finishing up a string of shows with Family Portrait. I got to tag along with Daniel as he interviewed the Twerps before the show and he had a lengthy chat with them about the tour, including the insanity that is SXSW, the bands they’ve gotten to play with and the American music they’re digging these days. Stay tuned, it will be aired on Daniel’s In Afternoon Air one of these Fridays.

So despite the fact I’d never heard a Twerps track, hearing about their influences (The Clean, Television Personalities, Velvet Underground), their taste (Big Troubles, The Mantles, Pure Ecstasy) and their plans to do a record with Olde English Spelling Bee (home to some of my favorites, even if their releases frequently seem to be mysteriously delayed) left me sufficiently confident I was going to like what I heard. So true. They plowed through one number after another, incredibly melodic and captivating, drawing the small audience closer and closer to the stage. Dare I say I even heard some of the guitar tones shining through some of those wonderfully minor chord progressions were reminiscent of one Real Estate? It’s probably just due to the fact that I’ve basically been listening exclusively to retro-ish garage rock that I am all about what I’ve heard from the Twerps, but I highly recommend tracking down their new 7″ out on Underwater Peoples (listen below) or their 2009 cassette from Night People, which is floating around the interwebs in a digital format for intrepid searchers.

Family Portrait (It was as hazy as it looks)

Speaking of Underwater Peoples, we were also treated to a set from Family Portrait, the label’s house band, who totally brought it, even after having some of their equipment stolen (but did bring a smoke machine). Their set was a mix of the old (Killer Statements, Mega Secrets) among the newer (Glide, Part One and Other Side) plus two Wet Dream jams, one of which closed the set and I distinctly remembered from seeing them back in January at Subterranean A; it’s the one I made the dance in a high school gymnasium comment about, and that’s still fitting. Anyway, this was the Family’s original lineup which I hadn’t seen before but they still ruled and I’ve written enough glowing words about them and all associated acts that I’m sure you can search it out on this very blog if you feel so inclined. We’re finally going to hear a full-length from these guys, too…be sure to grab their self-titled debut dropping on their own label April 5.

Wet Dream at Sub A in January



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