Double Dagger at the Copy Cat Building

I always have had a theory about Double Dagger; thirty minutes of them live are more intense then two hours of any other band, and this concert was exactly that. Thirty minutes, with some six to seven songs left my friend with a bruised foot and me with a busted lip. Plus it was super low-key to add to it.

We were running a bit behind, so we caught the latter end of “Pillow Talk,” but you could tell this was going to be a special night. All of our favorite Baltimore faces were there, and it was being filmed for something that’s gonna be on IFC at some point, so I guess that’s pretty cool.

It was something that was incredibly intimate, and incredibly rad. Everyone was really into the show, and besides someone accidentally unplugging Bruce’s bass pedals, it was flawless. They were insanity personified, moreso then I’ve ever seen from them. Nolen was getting up in people’s faces, responding to the crowd, even starting small conversations with them.

Musically, the drums “No Allies” were as powerful and relentless as always, and the bass was always on top. Everyone screaming the concluding “This is the sound! Of no one! Giving a Shit!” at the conclusion of “Sleeping in Wolf’s Clothing” was also appropriate as well. It encapulates the entire idea of the Baltimore music scene. No matter who joins in and what bands change, and what record labels start or fall, Double Dagger will still be there, thrashing people’s faces off.



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