Download: Thurston Moore – “Benediction”

In terms of records that are easy to listen to all of the time, Thurston Moore’s 2007 release, Trees Outside the Academy ranks highly, with its mix of acoustic jams, string arrangements and J Mascis guitar solos. Tracks like “Frozen Gtr” and “The Shape Is in a Trance” are so beautiful and well crafted, a characteristic that pervades throughout Trees and looks like it will continue on Moore’s upcoming record Demolished Thoughts, his third solo venture and first produced by Beck.

NPR has one of the first cuts from the record with “Benediction.” It feels largely like another cut off of Trees, except a little more subdued. Moore’s guitar work is great as usual, and the violin from Samara Lubelski is a great accent to the guitar lines. The recording does sound a bit muddled, but we’ll have to wait and see whether or not that’s Beck’s production or just the quality of the file. Either way, Moore is crafting a fantastic follow-up to Trees Outside the Academy that any Moore fan can look forward to hearing.

Download “Benediction” from NPR here.

Demolished Thoughts is due out May 24 on Matador.



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