New track: Fleet Foxes, “Battery Kinzie”

A radio rip of Fleet Foxes new song from Helplessness Blues, entitled “Battery Kinzie” is up on soundcloud. It’s almost like a modern Simon and Garfunkel track with with rapidfire acoustic guitar chords being shot at your ears. Robin Peckinfold voice soars with his bearded brethren. Though all of these intense adjectives don’t mean it isn’t a peaceful track, because well, this is Fleet Foxes.

But anyways. It’s an exciting new track, and I’m really looking forward to this album coming out May 2. They’re playing a show in DC on May 15 at the DAR Constitution Hall.


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One response to “New track: Fleet Foxes, “Battery Kinzie”

  1. Lowden

    The song has a new title! I wrote about this tune back in August


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