Tennis & La Sera at Rock and Roll Hotel

Another night, another show at Rock and Roll Hotel and another experience with weird vibes, although not as bad as Smith Westerns last night. The only hiccup tonight was drunk people being a little obnoxious during La Sera’s set, but nothing overall as weird as last night.

After getting my hands on La Sera’s self-titled a few weeks ago, I’ve been listening non-stop to Katy Goodman’s dreamy vocals and the catchy instrumentation. The songs are short and catchy, which is just the type of music that is really catching me right now. Plus, to see this group open for Tennis sweetened the pot.

Scheduled opener Holiday Shores had to cancel at the last minute, leaving the only bands on the bill as Tennis and La Sera. Goodman and her backing group took the stage first and put together a set of songs from the self-titled album along with new tracks in a fashion that melded the dreaminess of the recordings with the garage feel of a live show, which I thought was really awesome. Despite being sick with the flu, they managed to put together an extremely solid set that was danceable and just really, really fun. Also, I’d like to thank them for the towel I caught when they threw them into the audience. That was awesome.

Then Tennis. Alaina and Patrick were also suffering from the flu causing some songs to be cut from their set because of Alaina saying she couldn’t hit some notes, but it was impossible to notice. The band played “Pigeon” and “Cape Dory” flawlessly, and introduced new songs like “New Year” and “Robin,” written about a baby robin Patrick and Alaina saved once, seamlessly. The music was just incredibly happy and no one was getting down. The highlight of the show for me was the performance of “Baltimore,” which was just so dynamic and awesome in the live setting. It had so much more feel to it and was so much catchier. I loved it. Alaina had enlist the help of audience members to do harmonies on “Marathon,” something that was pretty funny and let the band still be able to nail the song.

For a short show (just about two hours), this was really awesome because it packed great things together and was just extremely fun overall.

Also some girl was taking incredibly conceptual video in the front row so be on the lookout for that on YouTube. I interviewed Katy Goodman before the show as well, so tune in to In Afternoon Air on Friday to check that out as well.

Two shows down this weekend, one more to go: Dum Dum Girls, Minks, Dirty Beaches.



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