MP3: Seapony – “Dreaming”

This mp3 dropped a while ago — Marc wrote about it for Visitation Rites in November and I wrote about it in December — but now it’s available for download via Hardly Art, which just signed Seapony. The band’s debut LP is set to come out on May 31, with a digital only re-release of the “Dreaming” 7″ on March 15. The original pressing of “Dreaming” that came out back in November sold out asap, and with good reason. It’s more summer music, and it feels like Jen Weidl’s vocals just drift along the shoreline. The backbeat of a drum machine pushes the songs along while the guitars are not overpowering. Even the fuzzed out guitar on “Dreaming” is constructed in such a way that it doesn’t overwhelm the listener, something that I have to give mad props for. This LP is one that I have on the “can’t wait for” list right now.

Seapony – “Dreaming”



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