MP3s: That Ghost – “To Like You” & “Calls”

In late July and early August of 2009, I got my first exposure to Brooklyn and everything that comes with it musically. On Friday, July 31, I saw Vivian Girls play at the Whitney Museum. On Saturday, August 1, I saw The Babies play at Death By Audio. On Sunday, August 2 into Monday, August 3, I saw the Deerhunter/Dan Deacon/No Age round-robin tour. It was a blur.

One of the gems of the weekend came on Saturday night at Death By Audio when I had the opportunity to see That Ghost, out in New York from California to play a solo show. I was taken with Ryan Schmale’s playing and ability to make his songs fill a room that only had about five or six people it with his songs. Plus, it being my first real encounter with lo-fi music in a live setting, I was especially intrigued by everything he was doing. I listened to Young Fridays a few times and was into it, especially “Open Windows” and “I Can’t Help It And I Can’t Stop It.”

Now Schmale is back with more That Ghost, as Songs Out Here drops in a week, and it includes the tracks “Calls” and “To Like You.” Schmale keeps the same vibe on Songs Out Here that was present on Young Fridays, and the guitar on “To Like You” provides an extremely danceable base. “Calls” slows things down a bit, but is still a solid track.

These two tracks have made me incredibly excited for Songs Out Here to be released, as it symbolizes another step forward for one of the bands responsible for me getting into the music I am in today.

That Ghost – “To Like You”
That Ghost – “Calls”



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