Review: Winks, She’s Done

At last week’s show at the Golden West Cafe, I managed to snag my hands on a copy of a cassette I had been looking forward to for quite a long time, She’s Done, by Winks, which I’ve been mentioning for a few months now.

When it starts, you hear the wonderful drum machine and guitar lines that buzzed through their last Self-Titled release, but this time, it doesn’t so much buzz as it flourishes. It’s certainly not hi-fi, but it might be getting there. The guitar riffs are dark, and some of the songs would fit side-by-side next to something on Psychocandy or Disintegration. I’m going to use a term that I’ve hated using, but this time it’s with a bit of a comic understanding. Bedroom Pop. Yes, it is lo-fi, and you probably could call it something close to “chillwave” or whatever, but the lyrical content and song titles are something that belong in the bedroom. Songs like “She Cums in Colors” and my new favorite jam “Slap Me Choke Me Cum on You.”

The very basic synth lines on this album do their job, in not really creating the summery vibes you’d expect with all of the reverb, tremolo and delay on the album. It has a really cool feeling to it, which is aided by the occasionally non-melodic vocals of Chase O’Hara. It creates this good effect, but it seems like he sort of just came up with the melodies on the spot. Basically, you hear influences of both bands that members are in this project. It has this certain lack of  deliberate-ness from Weekends with a sense of the synth-pop from INEVERYROOM, plus its own sense of darkness.

Winks She’s Done is out now from Friends Records for 5 dollars digitally or on cassette.



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