Holy Ghost Party, Winks, Raindeer and Weekends at Golden West

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to a show, like, two months long. So to say I was pretty excited to get back to the Golden West on Saturday to see Holy Ghost Party, Winks, Raindeer and Weekends was an understatement.

We arrived a bit before the start of Holy Ghost Party, and I’ve seen them a few times in the past year or two, but they’ve never really ever kept the same sound. It’s much improvised, but it creates this sort of sound that reminds me of the Arab-influenced krautrock of Agitation Free and Amon Düül II. It was very spacey, tone wise with lots of organs, oscillations and rhythmic drums floating around the café.

The crowd started to fill in more and more as Winks started up, the act I was looking forward to most. I’ve posted a lot of things about Chase’s and Adam’s stuff on here, including their last EP Daisy Ingraham. It however, was the release show for their last full length cassette She’s Done and obviously the set was heavy on that material. The reverb and tremolo-oriented guitar corresponded greatly to the ‘80s, almost Phil Collins-esque drums. Personal highlight was my new favorite track “Slap Me Choke Me Cum on You” which is already making its way into my playlist. Expect a full review of She’s Done in the next few days.

Next, Raindeer, the act I was most curious about took stage. They’re a fairly new band, with an EP that I listed on my top 10 of 2010 and reviewed back in August, and this was Baltimore’s first chance to see them in live action. They created an excellent dance vibe in the crowd with signs of psych, pop, et cetera, that seemed to fit with the ‘80s vibe of Winks.

Finally, local favorites Weekends started with their brand of experimental surf rock. The two-piece showcased a quick set of songs, including a wonderful cover of Television’s “Marquee Moon” (Edit: It’s not a cover, my apologies) that got the crowd incredibly rambunctious (boy, I missed moshing a lot). It was a great night to be back out in Baltimore, and I’m making sure not to go on concert droughts this long again.




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2 responses to “Holy Ghost Party, Winks, Raindeer and Weekends at Golden West

  1. Noneface

    That song isn’t a cover. It sounds rather similar, but it isn’t a cover.

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