Stream: Panda Bear “Last Night at the Jetty” (Tomboy Version)

Stream: “Last Night at the Jetty” by Panda Bear from Tomboy

We’ve already heard a version of “Last Night at the Jetty” from last year’s 7” with B-Side Drone from Fatcat Records, but now the album version of “Last Night” is streaming up on Pitchfork. It’s got the same basis as the 7” version, but for some reason, this one has greater clarity in it, and an overall cleaner production value as opposed to its previous grittiness. The lyrics are completely decipherable, and certain background noises are a lot clearer over the wah-wahed guitar and steady drum beat that lingers through the entire song. Also he’s added in this nice bass guitar part to go along with it. By making a good song great, this gives a lot of hope for the rest of the album, especially tracks I haven’t been too fond of, primarily “Drone” (which lost a lot of its spontaneity on the recorded version as opposed to live). Ladies and Gentlemen, Tomboy is coming.


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