MP3: Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say”

Brooklyn’s favorite all-girl lo-fi trio is on the comeback after a seemingly endless string of side projects. Vivian Girls are set to have their third album, Share The Joy, from which you can download to the second track from here. If this track is any indication, the band’s Polyvinyl debut is going to a bit of a change of pace from the first two albums, with more of a melodic side than the crunchy and fuzzy chords we’re accustomed to. Maybe it’s from working in all the other side projects, maybe it’s just the growth of the band, but this song really is beautiful, as Cassie Ramone’s vocals sound so much more matured and Katy Goodman adds some awesome harmonies in the background. Definitely pick up this track when you get the chance.

Share The Joy drops April 12. Vivian Girls will be touring in the area in April, playing Ottobar in Baltimore on April 7 and Black Cat in D.C. on April 8 with Black Lips (which will be awesome).




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