Review: Winks, Daisy Ingraham

A little surprise coming out from my local Baltimore favorite Winks, Daisy Ingraham, is a 3 song EP recorded straight to cassette by Chase O’Hara in his bedroom. Its a quick little treat that certainly could signify a change in direction from the usual Winks sound (still trying to get my hands on their latest full release, She’s Done). It’s more experimental in nature, and has a lot of noise that is probably aided by the low fidelity of the cassette.

The first track, “The Bottle Has Your Name On It But My Lips On It” has the essence that reminds me of the earliest Modest Mouse releases. Its a simple guitar and vocal track with noise puncturing holes all throughout it. The titular second track is almost of the same idea, but with more of an ambient sound scape, with noises of a seemingly unknown origin appearing throughout. However, throughout all the sound, you still get the general pop melodies that made Winks enjoyable in the first place. Final track “Ennui” starts out sounding like a guitar being thrown straight into a PA system. Eventually the wah-wahs pick up and we start to pick up a more traditional song (though still not entirely “normal” by any means of the word).

The EP is available off of mediafire right here (via Don’t forget to check out their last full length She’s Done, off of Friends Records


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