Review: Livid Kids – “Michael Bishop/On The Green LP”

This has been sitting in my queue of things to review for a while, and I apologize to Shane and Adam for not reviewing this sooner. What Livid Kids has come up with is short, snappy punk songs that have Beat Happening influence and, dare I say it, just a little bit of The Dismemberment Plan.

The chords are chugging, pushing the music forward from the first song, “Be Cool.” The rest of the seven song album falls in line with this, with the guitar chords mixed high over the drums and the vocals hidden underneath some thing fuzz. All the tracks were recorded in a bedroom on a Tascum Portastudio.

The title track, “On The Green,” is a face-paced punk rock track, pushed along by the drums. Overall, the tracks from Livid Kids on Michael Bishop/On The Green LP become an interesting marriage between Beat Happening and Blink-182, something unusual, but something that clicks for this duo from South Bend, Ind.

You can pick up this late 2010 release here at the band’s PureVolume.



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