Two New Tracks From Wavves

Wavves at Rock and Roll Hotel in June. (photo by Daniel)

Everyone’s favorite lo-fi-turned-hi-fi brat is out on tour with his girlfriend this month and has two new tracks floating around the web right now. The first one, “Mutant,” is available on Nathan Williams’ Ghost Ramp blog here, or available for streaming or download via SoundCloud after the jump. The second track, “Stained Glass (Won’t Let Me Into Yr Heart),” is up for streaming on via The Fader’s SoundCloud.

I’ll say it right now — I’m not a huge Wavves fan anymore. I loved Wavvves and King of the Beach was a lot better than I think a lot of people thought, but as time goes on, Williams’ personality just becomes more and more annoying, and these two tracks represent both sides of that equation.

First, “Mutant.” The track, according to Ghost Ramp, “might be on a 7″ soon. It’s a b side on the japanese pressing of king of the beach.” To me, “Mutant” represents old Wavves. It’s Nathan Williams in his parents poolhouse making poor quality songs about the beach, angst and the sun. It’s catchy and still has a bit of the snotty Wavves feel to it. While “Mutant” is definitely higher quality than most of the material on vv and vvv, it still feels like it could be pulled from that era, with the fuzz that Williams seemed to have traded in on King of the Beach. The addition of the whistling interlude is a nice touch and shows Williams’ penchant and ability to work with a studio. It’s drawn from the King of the Beach era, but meshed seamlessly with old school Wavves.

On the other hand, I find “Stained Glass (Won’t Let Me Into Yr Heart),” to be ridiculously annoying. The track seems to be ridiculously extraneous with Williams’ helium’d vocals. There’s really no riff to grab onto. It just seems unnecessary, pretty much like Williams’ personality now. This track is on his Summer is Forever split 7″ with Best Coast for his upcoming tour, but this song feels like enough of a turnoff for me not to pursue that record, which is unfortunate because both Wavves and Best Coast still have talent to craft catchy pop songs, no matter how annoying and unreasonable their personalities are. If “Stained Glass” is indicative of a new direction for Wavves, well, uh, I really don’t know what to say about that. This song makes me feel like the cat in the cover art.

Wavves and Best Coast will be at 9:30 Club on Monday, January 31 with No Joy in Washington, D.C.


“Stained Glass (Won’t Let Me Into Yr Heart)”



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