Review: Cloud Nothings Picture Disc 7″

We all know that Cloud Nothings self-titled debut is the record I’m most excited for in early 2011. I’ve been soaking up whatever I can about the album from the interwebs and pre-ordered it from Insound in hopes of getting a sweet limited edition poster. In addition, I ordered the picture disc 7″ for the first single from the album, “Should Have” b/w “I Know (You’re All Done With Me).”

I’ve already written about “Should Have,” the third track from Cloud Nothings that was produced by Chester Gwazda in Baltimore, so most of my focus has been on “I Know (You’re All Done With Me).” But hey, “Should Have” still rocks ridiculously hard and is one of my early, early frontrunners for song of the year. So catchy.

“I Know (You’re All Done With Me)” seems to have been recorded when the band was in London in late 2010. While Dylan Baldi played all the instruments on “Should Have,” drummer Jayson Gerycz, who played on the Leave You Forever EP, does the drums on “I Know (You’re All Done With Me)” which greatly adds to the intensity and feel of the track. This track is another perfect, catchy pop tune. Baldi keeps his trademark delivery with this instant ear candy. I wish the turntable had a repeat button so I wouldn’t have to get up after every listen. But it’s worth it.

The “Should Have” picture disc is out officially on Jan. 28, but it’s totally worth the buy. The debut self-titled from this genius is also out Jan. 25. The photos on the picture disc are by Gerycz.


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