Denmark Records – “DenFriends” Comp

I’ve said this many times, but I love it when cool things end up in my inbox. This comp found its way there this morning, and I have to say, it has quite the collection. It features 19 different artists from Junk Culture to NAPS to Mane Mane to Persona La Ave. So many different styles present on one comp, it’s great. Plus, the description of it was a dealbreaker:

DenFriends is an expansive compilation of emergent southeastern electronic music featuring 19 artists from Maryland to Mississippi.  Overall, it’s a fairly comprehensive collection of Southern soundwaves– hazy, heavy, chilled-out, adderall-injected, and sexually frustrated.

“Hazy, heavy, chilled-out, adderall-injected, and sexually frustrated”: what could be better?

My personal favorite track on the comp is Junk Culture’s “Ra’s New Rhythm,” with its repetitive loops forcing it forward, while Mane Mane’s “Rain Mane (feat. CHRom) has some aspects of chillwave in it. The songs on the comp start out on the ambient end of things, but progress towards more straightforward tracks like Wowser Bowser’s “Water Story” and “Subways” by ArnHao. It’s a comp full of variety. Plus, it’s free over on the Denmark Records bandcamp. Pick it up.



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