Kevin’s Top Reissues of 2010

For day two we take a look back at some of the amazing reissues of all time classic CDs, and some lesser known ones.

10. NEUNEU! Vinyl Box

The band simply defied all musical convention. With the motorik drum beat, simply amazing guitar work and just overall edgy experimentalism, its easy to see why the band defined the late stages of Krautrock in Germany.

9. Bruce HaackFarad

One of the most important men in the development of electronic music, and the coolest, finally gets the compilation he deserves.

8. Animal Collective – Campfire Songs

It’s not “My Girls” that’s for sure. When you’re listening to Campfire Songs you become enveloped in the world the band was trying to create; a world of literally being something of the campfire.

7. The Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street

In France to escape taxes, Mick Jagger and Co. finally put together the cohesive album they had been looking for. Although it doesn’t contain any of their “hits” it is by far the most representative work of the infamous band.

6. Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

This album has reached the pinnacle of things that can’t be written about anymore. It simply is Miles Davis. It’s like trying to discuss Trans Europa Express, Kid A, Abbey Road and the like.

5. The Cure – Disintegration

It’s the peak of the group. All of the ideas they tried out during the ‘80s at their peak in the decade’s final year. It’s the songs that you think of when you think of the Cure, literally a best of compilation in an album.

4. David Bowie – Station to Station

If it says anything about the album, David Bowie literally cannot recall making Station to Station. Despite that, the end result is wonderful. Bowie’s transition to synthesizers and the krautrock influence that was heavily displayed on the Berlin trilogy started here, creating a cool end result. Plus the bonus tracks are awesome as well.

3. Nine Inch Nail – Pretty Hate Machine

Trent Reznor has been everywhere in life, and the time his first album came out, he served as a janitor for the studio he recorded demos at. But with that music, he basically invented industrial music as we know it today, and used beats that rap and R&B producers wouldn’t use for a few years.

2. Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica

From the opening part of “3rd Planet” to the end of “What People are Made Of,” Isaac Brock and gang create one of the most essential indie albums of all time. With elements of their older, more lo-fi material and a sign of things that would eventually make them into one of the better known bands of the 2000s, it’s cohesion at its finest.

1. Bruce Springsteen – Darkness on the Edge of Town

The Boss. When you’ve reached a point in your career that literally everyone knows you by that, you know you’ve done something right, and when it was the ‘70s, there wasn’t a single songwriter that could beat out Bruce. Songs like “Badlands” and “Darkness on the Edge of Town” are simply Bruce at his finest. Not to mention the bonus release of the outtakes The Promise are probably just as good.











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  1. james

    …just picked up Springsteen’s ‘The Promise’ box set companion book, amazing original photos and stories frm the Darkness tour. Limited Edition

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