Kevin’s Top EPs and Cassettes of 2010

So to get things on the roll, I decided to start these end of the year lists off with the Top EPs and Cassettes of 2010. It was going to just be EPs, but I realized I had nowhere to put all of the good jams I heard through my newly purchased tape deck.

10. Gorillaz – iTunes Sessions

Damon Albarn had a pretty kicking year. He made an album that’s made mostly everyone’s end of the year lists, and to top it off he’s made basically a live best of compilation, filled with classics like “Clint Eastwood” and “Feel Good, Inc”

9. Active Child – Curtis Lane

We heard lots of changes on this wonderful little EP. Slower, more dense tracks and  quicker, and dancier ones with influences coming from groups like M83 and New Order, it made for one of the more eclectic releases of the year.

8. Twin Sister – Color Your Life

Twin Sister’s songs are gleaming with romance and again, dense feelings. They have this sort of overwhelming power to them that makes you want them to keep going and develop more.

7. Raindeer – Raindeer EP

Filled with elements of Prog Rock, Dance music, and pop music, Raindeer seemed to take a wide collection of music, and make it into one incredibly awesome cohesive album.

6. Highlife – Best Bless

When I first saw Highlife at Floristree before Deakin, it was an incredibly peppy solo acoustic show, but when you add on all of the African highlife (get it?) drums and claps on the albums, it adds a whole new element.

5. Winks – Winks

Chase O’Hara’s effort with Winks was incredibly lo-fi. Like, recorded on a karaoke machine lo-fi. And yet, with its ‘80s cop movie glam, it creates this epic, almost aura like sound that is simply amazing.

4. Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People

It was probably my surprise of the year, Sufjan’s comeback. And he started it off by saying things weren’t going to be as familiar as they once were. The titular first track slowly goes from a traditional, softer Sufjan song into an intense, glitch-filled jam, and the rest of it continues in the pattern.


It’s been about two years since Merriweather Post Pavilion and we are still hearing its influences, especially on the cassette from Baltimore act INEVERYROOM. It combines wonderful arpeggiated synths with intense tribal drumming and great vocals from Chase O’Hara

2. Girls – Broken Dreams Club

Heartbreak is Girls. It’s really all the band is about; heart-wrenchingly sad lyrics. But that would get old after a while, so Christopher Owens and the rest of the group added some wonderful horns, steel guitar, and shoegaze elements to this 6 song set.

1. Double Dagger – Masks

This is hands down the best thing to ever come out of Baltimore, at least so far. All of the tracks are literally the best that the local trio have assembled. From the screams of “Pillow Talk” to the almost abrasive instrumental of “Song for S” it covers everything I love about the group.



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