MP3: Livid Kids – “Winter”

A little while back we posted the mp3 for “Arcade” from Livid Kids, two rad dudes from Indiana. Now, they’re back and jumping on the seasonal bandwagon that many, including myself, are jumping on. “Winter” is the fourth track from the duo’s upcoming LP Michael Bishop/On the Green LP that they plan to release sometime soon. “Winter” is available for stream and download after the jump.

Michael Bishop/On the Green LP, a seven-song job, was recorded in a bedroom on Shane’s Tascam Portastudio, giving it the lo-fi feel that everyone is so accustomed to hearing these days on tracks. Much like on “Arcade,” “Winter” has a Beat Happening-esque feel with the simplicity of the guitar tone and rawness of the drums. The vocals are deep, flat and bored, but it fits the tone of the music and the aesthetic of the songs. It’s simple, it’s about winter, it’s in season. Check it out and give it a download. More on Michael Bishop/On the Green LP in the coming days/week.



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  1. musingsofamusiclover

    I’ve never heard of this band before, but they have a pretty awesome name. Livid Kids? That’s cool. The song is kind of interesting, too; they’re officially on my list of musicians to check out.

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