MP3: Beach Fossils – “Calyer” (Plus a New EP!)

Beach Fossils. (photo by Ashlee Dean)

Back in August when Fresh Heirs hit up Beach Fossils in Baltimore at Ottobar (above), we were privy to “Calyer” opening the band’s set. We recognized it as a new track immediately and were pretty down with it. As the months have progressed, there have been videos of the song popping up from different performances (see after the jump) and other hints at what the mystery track we saw at Ottobar was actually called. Now Pitchfork has the answers, along with the fact that Dustin Payseur’s Beach Fossils will be releasing a new EP on  February 22 titled What A Pleasure. The cover art is after the jump as well.

Despite all the talk about Beach Fossils switching styles and needing new members to go with the styles and everything, there isn’t that much difference in “Calyer.” There’s still two layers of guitar and bass along with drums in a surf-like rhythm. Payseur’s vocals are still drenched in reverb along with everything these days. It creates a daydream-like (pun intended) atmosphere that could easily be from the self-titled album that dropped this year. There’s some added sophistication and changeups, especially with the solo bass run accompanying the vocals in the latter part of the song, but as a whole, it’s still Beach Fossils and still sounds like Beach Fossils.

The biggest departure from Beach Fossils that’s been done by Payseur has been “Face It,” and even that wasn’t too far off the map. Still, I look forward to What A Pleasure and can’t wait to see what else Payseur and Pena and co. can come up with.

Download “Calyer” via Pitchfork.

“Calyer” via I Guess I’m Floating

What A Pleasure artwork:



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2 responses to “MP3: Beach Fossils – “Calyer” (Plus a New EP!)

  1. Unbound

    Calyer sounds good live, too! Here’s another version.

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