The Death Set – Artificially Sweetened

Brooklyn, via Baltimore, via Philadelphia, via Australia “sugar-coated thrash band” The Death Set have a new mixtape out that puts Girl Talk to complete shame. The mixtape, Artificially Sweetened has 44 minutes of music on 40 tracks, has samples of bands as international as The Beastie Boys, as indie as Jay Reatard, and as local as Scottie B. And it manages to add in some kick-ass guitar itself.

It’s ridiculously fun, occasionally danceable, and incredibly catchy. It’s in the same vein as their album Worldwide combining a wonderful sense of rhythm with some intense rocking out, if I may use that term. It’s one of those albums that if you ever find yourself at a party in need of some jams because you were too lazy to make a mixtape, you’d throw on and have a pretty kicking time. But it wouldn’t really be a calm party. One of those thing’s that are filled with so much tension you couldn’t move.

The mixtape is a celebration of music in the past twenty years, never really keeping the same genre for more then a minute, let alone and entire “song” (if there really are songs: the longest clocks in at 2 minutes). I honestly could just make this entire post on the literal amount of artists represented in this mix. Cap’n Jazz, Devo, Fugazi, Hunter S. Thompson, Aphex Twin are all forced to share some time in this bi-polar mess from the only punk band that could ever collaborate with Diplo.

It’s just, simply put, massive. By the end of it, you’ve barely realized its hit you. It’s loud, fast, and action filled. It makes me really excited to hear their next LP, Michel Poiccard, which they’re gearing to release soon. You can download the mixtape, Artificially Sweetened here.



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