MP3: J Mascis – “Not Enough”

In another 2011 release, Sub Pop is going to drop J Mascis’ Several Shades of Why, an acoustic-ish album from the Dinosaur Jr. frontman. “Not Enough” is the third track from the album that Sub Pop is giving away for the small cost of your email address.

“Not Enough” showcases Mascis’ folk-y chops, but still possesses some of the alt chops that has made Dinosaur Jr. one of the greatest bands of all-time. Mascis still has the vulnerable vocals and slight insecurities that make his music so relateable and and palatable to listeners of any age. “Not Enough” throws Several Shades of Why onto my 2011 radar immediately.

Plus, the timing of this couldn’t be better, as I just found another person on campus that appreciates Dinosaur Jr. as much as I do.

Update: Track is actually “Not Enough.” My bad. I was thinking of another Dinosaur Jr. track and lost my train of thought.



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