MP3: The Babies – “Run Me Over” (Plus New Album Out Soon!)

The Babies at Death By Audio on August 1, 2009. (photo by Daniel)

Cassie Ramone, Kevin Morby and the rest of Babies were the centerpiece to my first Brooklyn DIY experience on August 1, 2009, when Anna, Marc and I saw the “supergroup” play at Death By Audio. It wasn’t quite Vivian Girls and it wasn’t quite Woods…it was just awesome. The simplicity of the songs I saw from Babies that night at Death By Audio helped throw me into my next run of songwriting.

Honestly, Babies had the feel of a one-off type thing. A few singles here and there, and maybe an EP. That’s all I felt like the public would be getting out of this. Boy, was I wrong. The Babies are prepping their self-titled debut album, due out February 8, 2011 on Shrimper. The cover art, track-listing and an mp3 of the first track, “Run Me Over,” are available after the jump.

Having recorded The Babies at Rear House Studios in Morby’s home with Woods-mate Jarvis Taveniere, the songs have such a different feel than the early recordings that were floating around the web. The songs sound so unbelieveably clean and just fun. “Run Me Over” has the perfect feel of just enough Vivian Girls and just enough Woods to make you smile and bob your head. Plus, the use of both Ramone and Morby’s voices on the tracks is great and definitely provides contrast within the song.

I think it’s pretty awesome to see one of the bands that helped me get into the Brooklyn DIY scene is doing cool things like this and put out great music. Chalk up another must-listen album to 2011.

Download “Run Me Over” here. (Right click and choose “Save Target As”)

The Babies
The Babies
Street date: Feb. 8, 2011

1. Run Me Over
2. Sunset
3. All Things Come To Pass
4. Voice Like Thunder
5. Meet Me In The City
6. Personality
7. Breakin’ The Law
8. Sick Kid
9. Wild 1
10. Wild 2
11. Caroline



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