Review: Seapony – “Dreaming 7″” & “Seapony ep”

Seapony has been floating around the interwebs for a while now, with write-ups from many blogs and an overall positive buzz surrounding the music. The band’s Dreaming 7″ sold out of its first pressing while the Seapony ep remains on the bandcamp for free download. While based in rainy and dreary Seattle, Seapony manages to throw together poppy and upbeat lo-fi, again reminiscent of the beach. However, instead of the sprawling beaches of the Atlantic, Seapony’s tunes remind me of the steep cliff coasts and chilly water of the Pacific Coast.

First, the Dreaming 7″ that was put up for preorder in mid-November. Sure, I contemplated grabbing it, but I honestly didn’t think it would sell out. I didn’t think that there was any way that it could. But it did, much to my surprise and/or chagrin. It’s not available for digital download yet, so I’m stuck streaming it straight from the bandcamp.

The three songs on it are absolutely exquisite. The chord progressions sound so simple, like you could think of them yourself, but for some reason, you just can’t make it work. The lead guitar meshes with the vocals and takes up the empty space with assorted fills, changing the mood of the song. “So Low” is driven by the drums with a clap-able beat and again, catchy guitar riffs. The vocals croon with various vocal inflections to take in the listener. “Late Summer,” the last song of the 7″, is the most laid-back, as the the two-chord acoustic guitar riff seems to invite the overarching riff to hold back, and the vocals do the same.

The Seapony ep is lower key with soft crooning love songs. The song titles, “With You,” “I Really Do,” and “Go Away,” really tell you all you need to know about the tone of the songs. The riffs aren’t moving at a breakneck speed, but move the songs along leisurely, reminding me of a long walk through a park on a nice summer day, or something of that sort. “I Really Do,” for all its sappiness and seemingly clicheness is my personal favorite, as riff and the vocals fit together ideally.

Hit up Seapony’s bandcamp to listen to all the songs and download Seapony ep for free!




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2 responses to “Review: Seapony – “Dreaming 7″” & “Seapony ep”

  1. Love that band! soo good!

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