MP3: Fergus & Geronimo – “Powerful Lovin'”

Fergus & Geronimo is Denton, Texas’s Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage, two guys that met during the recording process for Savage’s Teenage Cool Kids. The two bonded over various types of music which ultimately led to the creation of Fergus & Geronimo, named after the rival child gang leader’s from 1994’s War of the Buttons. The band’s debut full-length, Unlearn, out Jan. 18 on Hardly Art, is an “11-track history lesson on the world of popular music with lush R&B harmonies, authentic rock and roll energy, and a fair share of experimentation,” according to force field pr, and the first single for Unlearn, “Powerful Lovin’,” is available after the jump for stream and download.

The two are responsible for all the instrumentation on the album, save for a guest female vocalist and guest flute and saxophone parts. “Powerful Lovin'” is laid-back, with almost an oldies feel to it, as it is carried along evenly by the prevailing guitar riff and vocals. It’s a solid track and definitely puts Fergus & Geronimo on the map as a band to watch in 2011.



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