Dope Body, Orphan and Double Dagger at Golden West

It’s a small venue, the Golden West Café. The sort of venue that probably shouldn’t be able to fit 3 bands at once. And yet on Saturday night, Orphan and Dope Body had their release show with special guests Double Dagger managed to put their drums, guitars, huge amps, and microphones, while managing to fit about 100 other people in there as well.

It was sort of a game-time decision for me to go, but I couldn’t resist seeing two of my favorite Baltimore bands at one show and Orphan. Plus it was in the native round-robin set-up (one band plays a song in one corner, then the next band starts, and so on), so there was another awesome part. Double Dagger started out with two songs, with “Pillow Talk” from the epic Masks EP from this year and “No Allies” from last year’s More. Singer Nolen Strals was all over the room, projecting his screams into the crowd, with the moshing and overall thrashing at a rambunctious but contained level. Also, he introduced every song as a Christmas song.

Dope Body was next with their sort of half-surf, half thrash style. The guitar work is wonderfully twisted and industrial, with feedback zooming in and out of your ears. Vocally, it’s almost anarchic, with no really traditional styling of singing to be found. The last group, Orphan from New York is the other side of the split vinyl with Dope Body. It has this sort of Black Sabbath style of guitars, far darker then Dope Body.

It was about a two hour set, with each band playing about 5-7 songs. Double Dagger was of course the one who received the most from the crowd. The crowd was epic, giving the artists [except Nolen of course, but that’s primarily his own doing] their own space until Double Dagger’s last song which unfortunately led to the destruction of Denny’s drum set [which was punk as hell, regardless]. Overall, it was a wonderful way to release the EP, and a wonderful evening overall.



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