Review: Teen Daze – “Beach Dreams”

I usually hate jacking stuff that’s already been posted on other blogs, like Marc posting his take on Teen Daze’s Beach Dreams over on Cautious and Carefree, but this material is just too good to be ignored. Teen Daze first burst into my consciousness with its absolutely gorgeous cover of Japandroids’ “Wet Hair,” a song that was a finalist on my Top 25 (Radio Friendly) Songs of 2010 list (but more on that later). But I waited for more and more, but never found it, or never really spent the energy to look.

But after seeing Marc’s post on it, heading over to the Teen Daze bandcamp and downloading Beach Dreams, I absolutely fell in love. Released on November 30, this four-song EP entered my musical realm just as the air around me took in its trademark December chill and sucked the life out of nearly any outdoor activity, including simply walking to class. Listening to songs like “Let’s Fall Asleep Together” insulated in my slightly chilly dorm room reminded me that there is a summer of beaches out there waiting for me. Sure, I haven’t been to the beach in over three years, but it’s a romanticized mental notion of what the beach could be rather than what it is that adds an element of intrigue. Staving off the blues with these four songs, in addition to the “Wet Hair” cover, it’s easy to recognize Teen Daze as another enormous talent to emerge from the British Columbia music scene.

Yet another electronic and chillwave artist with beach imagery, Teen Daze communicates the feelings better than almost everything else out there, especially bringing waves of nostalgia, like Marc talked about, to mindless summer days at the beach.

Download Beach Dreams over at the Teen Daze bandcamp for whatever price you like and stay tuned for more from this rather mysterious entity.



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