MP3: Dream Drunk – “Have You Ever Been Sleeping…?”

In the long lines of bizarre things I have heard, this might just be the most bizarre. Anna shot this mashup track over to me earlier this morning to play “Name that sample!” and I was not disappointed. Dream Drunk (aka Joel Straley) combines just about everything imaginable under the sun into “Have You Ever Been Sleeping…?” (streaming after the jump), an amazing clash of sound.

When Anna said, “Let’s play name that sample!”, I thought she was referring to the The Drums sample. Then the Panda Bear sample that I originally thought was Animal Collective. Or the Passion Pit sample. Oh wait. What’s that sample coming back? It’s Ducktails? Woah. Plus there are some other vaguely familiar samples thrown in there as well, making this one of the greatest WTF (in a good way) tracks I have ever heard. I can honestly think that someone who could make something like this would be drunk on dreams in the first place. Any guy that puts “Let’s Go Surfing,” “I’m Not” which I originally thought was “Bleed,” “Sleepyhead,” and “Seagull’s Flight” on one track gets mad props from me.

You can pick up “Have You Ever Been Sleeping…?” and the rest of Dream Drunk’s November 2010 release Yknyzorots over at the Dream Drunk bandcamp for whatever price you may name. I’m a big fan of the site’s header.



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