Yuck’s New Album Details + an mp3

Yes, the  band Yuck has an album coming out next year. And yes, that is the album cover. Yuck is due out February 15 on Fat Possum. The noise-drenched yet melodic music could find itself a home next to early Wavves recordings, minus the ADHD. Yuck is self-produced, showing what kind of chops this band has in the studio. Yuck looks to play its debut shows in the U.S. at SXSW, but for now it is headlining the UK. Information for Yuck, plus an mp3 for “Rubber,” an mp3 of a Mogwai remix for “Rubber” and NSFW video for “Rubber” are all after the jump.

“Rubber” is a slow-burn closer with noise encasing the entire track over top of sludging chords that build and build and build, struggling to break through and into consciousness. Slightly melancholic, the song feels like a struggle, with the vocals barely being able to be heard above the noise, which builds into a measured chaos through it’s seven-and-a-half minute duration. Definitely a DL-worthy track.

(Fat Possum)
Street Date: Feb. 15, 2011

Track List:
1.Get Away
2.The Wall
3.Shook Down
4.Holing Out
5.Suicide Policeman
11.Rose Gives A lily

Video for “Rubber” (NSFW):

Download: Yuck – “Rubber”
Download: Yuck – “Rubber” (Mogwai Remix)



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  1. watery

    Great band, Automatic on Yu(c)k is awesome too

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