Review: Lightfoot – “People (Who Throw Kisses) Are Hopelessly Lazy”

Today in the Washington, DC metro area (and I’m sure the rest of the East Coast), it’s pouring. The heaven’s are opened and God’s stirring it up with some heavy winds. Honestly, I should have just gone back to my dorm after my 8 a.m. math exam and slept for the rest of the day. But my loyalty keeps me going and now I find myself sitting in a lecture hall and waiting for government class to start.

This goes to say that not just people who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy; I’d say that everyone on the eastern seaboard is hopelessly lazy today with this weather (oh look, the tornado warning got downgraded to a tornado watch). Washington’s Lightfoot, originally Jessica Dye’s solo project that has morphed into something more with the addition of a backing band, provides a perfect backdrop for the rainy weather and soon-to-be cold weather. People (Who Throw Kisses) Are Hopelessly Lazy is a collection of three tracks that relax the mind, but provide something to think about with instrumental flair.

It’s easy to see how the band has progressed from a solo project to something more from the first track of the EP, “Beaster.” Backing harmonies work to drive the song along underneath Dye’s soaring vocals. The backing instrumentation drives the music along through “As You Can” and “1963.” “Beaster” remains the higlight of the EP, as it is an extremely poignant introduction to Lightfoot. Perfect for an overcast and rainy day where all you want to do is stay inside. Kind of like today.

Download the rest of People (Who Throw Kisses) Are Hopelessly Lazy at Lightfoot’s bandcamp, where there is more to stream and download.

There’s even more Lightfoot streaming over on the band’s MySpace, in addition to tour dates. Lightfoot is playing Velvet Lounge in DC tomorrow, in addition to some shows in DC and Baltimore in January.



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