Download: La Femme – “Sur La Planche”

When you see the phrase “lo-fi surfers,” you can’t help but be intrigued. When it’s “French lo-fi surfers,” then your interest is just piqued. Clear a space in your iTunes genres for “French lo-fi surf rock” featuring La Femme, a band releasing its debut EP on December 13 through 3rd Side Records.

Despite the French label, a quick look at the lyrics for “Sur La Plance,” which translates to “on the board” and is available for download after the jump, shows that the band could easily be from San Diego rather than from across the pond:

On a surf board
On the beach, on the wave, I’m searching for sensations
On a surfboard, in the tubes, I’m searching for sensations
You better not try and stop me from riding that wave, I’m invincible
If you dare push me in the tube, I will be waiting for you on the beach, on the wave

I feel like this could easily be culled from a Ducktails release, or some other band that embraces the beach aesthetic with some sort of intensity.

The Parisians “walk the line between erotic avant-pop and lo-fi surf rock,” according to a release, have a stiffer feel to their music than the slacker surf ethos we’re used to seeing today. At first listen, the organ, sound effects and bass line remind me greatly of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, a dark and distant beat. The French lyrics help to add more mystery to the track while the drums push it along through the duration.

Download: La Femme – “Sur La Planche”




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